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About us

Formed in 2008, EBOOKIFI is a professional premium eBook conversion service which is designed to make your life easier than ever. Ebook conversion when managed manually is a time consuming and challenging process that the majority cannot seem to get right. No matter how hard you try, something always seems to go wrong with the layout, the format or the design in general.

Well, at Ebookifi, we provide a fear-free and simple solution to what can be a very frustrating problem. Don’t let this problem get out of hand and instead let us offer the kind of solution that you were hoping for. With our expertise and our knowledge brought forward, we can make sure that any frustrations over formatting or similar can be put to bed immediately. Using our experience of making eBooks readable on all platforms, we ensure that your reading material can be made accessible to all.

It’s this desire to make books easy to read and more professional looking on all platforms. We created Ebookifi because we grew tired of seeing the poor quality of un-optimized eBooks hampering the success and sharing of successful writing. Instead, with this solution, you can make sure that anyone who downloads your reading material is going to be able to enjoy and appreciate the improvement.

Now, writing will fit on page as it should and the overall formatting should feel a lot closer than before. Content will fit the resolution that it’s being read on and the layout will finally fit the screen. This will make a huge difference to the overall readability of the topic as well as how much those who are reading your content is going to enjoy reading what you have to offer.

Rather than muddled and broken designs due to a lack of optimization, this avoids a rather tricky yet common issue. So, when we started to develop EBOOKIFI, our aim was to make sure that we were;

  • Fast and reliable, capable of delivering a solution of a converted eBook in any format as soon as possible.
  • Thorough, making sure that the people we brought onside were going to have the necessary skill and experience to catch every problem.
  • Modern, taking a keen approach to learning the most common skills and desired features in a typical eBook.
  • Friendly, allowing our clients to feel part of the process and to have no issues with asking us for advice and help about the services that we provide.
  • We believe that by working with us, clients can enjoy a far more enjoyable process when it comes to the services we provide. Taking the task on yourself can be a draining experience, so we offer a quick and flawless solution that removes the typical challenges that you would be likely to face.

The importance of having an eBook that can be read on all platforms should never be underestimated. With the right approach, like the one that we provide at EBOOKIFI, you can make sure that your eBook is easily converted.