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epub validation error fixing services

Epub Validation Error Fixing & Repairing Service

Ebookifi is a reputable e-book error fixing company that’s committed to meeting your specific ebook requirements.

Are you dealing with the case of an EPUB file with validation errors? Maybe you’ve tried uploading your epub file to Apple iBooks store, Smashwords, IngramSpark and other popular ebook platforms without success. If you are having an experience similar to any of the aforementioned, what you need is an epub file error fixing service.

Epub repair is required if you keep receiving epub check validation errors. It’s the only way you’ll be able to get your epub file to pass the validation test (EpubCheck 4.2).

That said, you need a trustworthy and top-rated ebook error fixing company like Ebookifi to fix whatever problems your ebook files have.

List of epub errorsImportance of E-book Validation

If you are looking to successfully upload your ebook to platforms such as Apple iBook store, Lulu, etc and eventually make sales on any these platforms, your epub file must first pass the IDPF validation. You have to upload a file that is devoid of errors.

Note: Just like the e-book platforms mentioned above, the Google Play Books store doesn’t accept EPUB files that have errors.

Do Barnes & Noble and Amazon Kindle have different standards?

The answer is YES. These stores have different standards for accepting epub files. Also, they handle file problems or errors in a more reactive fashion than other known ebook platforms. This is a feat that they achieve by constantly going through feedback from readers.

In Amazon’s case, you will receive an error message when trying to convert an EPUB file to a Mobi file with their Kindlegen or Previewer tools. Rather interestingly, this platform won’t prevent you from uploading your converted Mobi file to KDP.

What’s the best way to validate an EPUB eBook file?

One of the simplest and most common methods is the use of the free EPUB Validator tool maintained by IDPF. If you are looking to validate EPUB files by yourself, you can try this method. There’s one limitation with this tool, though: it can’t be used to validate files that are larger than 10MB. This is not something you should worry about, especially as you can easily visit us at Ebookifi to get the solutions you need.

To validate your EPUB e-book file, visit http://validator.idpf.org/

Epub Errors fixed and valid oneRepairing your EPUB eBook file

To repair your EPUB e-book file, contact Ebookifi for more information on how to get started.

Use our world-class EPUB repair service

If you’ve been trying to fix EPUB file errors without success, or you simply don’t understand how to go about EPUB validation and error fixing, you should reach out to Ebookifi. We are experts at providing effective e-book repair and validation services. Don’t delay any further. Come to us with whatever problems you have and we guarantee that you’ll get a lasting solution and leave with absolute satisfaction.

Contact us today. We are always ready to serve you!