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Book Scanning Services

For many people, dealing with the scanning of a book can be a nightmare – this is why we offer elite book scanning services, ready to get to work for you immediately. We don’t mess around and we never take chances or risks; we make sure that the job is done to the utmost professional standards regardless of any perceived challenges or difficulties along the way.

If you are producing eBooks or you intend to, we can help you make sure that with our book scanning services you can turn print projects digital in no time at all.

Book Scanning Made Simple

Our expertise works for you to make sure that you can manage anything from book to eBook or book to ePub management. You don’t need to keep looking for a service that can manage the process from start to finish in a secure and intelligent manner – you have found them!

At EBOOKIFI, we provide book scanning services that go far, far beyond the norm. The majority of writers and publishers are looking towards getting involved in services such as electronic publishing and – in the process – run the risk of finding themselves bogged down by the number of websites they need to deal with.

Book Scanning For Every Platform

We move everything to one easy place to work, removing the confusion or the decision making. At Ebookifi, we just make it simple to follow the plan and make sure that you are left with a convincing and effective way forward in the near future.

We offer a range of extensive experiences that can be used to help you ensure your book is going to look the best that it possibly can. By using our conversion management experience and ensuring that we follow your specifications, we can take care of just about any extras that you may be looking for, including;

  • Book-ePub conversions.
  • Scanned book-ePub conversions.
  • Word-ePub conversions.
  • PDF-ePub conversions.
  • HTML-ePub conversions.
  • Kindle-ePub conversions.

Professional Outputs for All Scanned Books

We make sure that your ePub conversions are dealt with by professionals who know what the standards are going to be. This means that when you hire from our time, you are going to be left with an end product that is validated, professional looking, and easy for clients to enjoy reading, looking at and browsing.

How Long Does Book Scanning Take?

We make sure that book scanning can be made simpler than ever before, using a comprehensive range of solutions to make book scanning quicker than before. Typically, our projects take around X days to finish – for more information about our time, please get in touch with our team for further details.

Ready to get the process started? Then simply send your print book to our physical location address and we can get started for you right away!

With everything paid for in a safe and structured manner, we make it easier for everyone to get the creation of digital copies of their product quickly and easily. We understand the needs of our clients by clearly and distinctly communicating with them to ascertain their needs and develop the easiest, most effective solutions that we possibly can at all times.

For a clear and concise process to make sure you get fast book scanning that can manage anything from HTML to XML, you can get a classy and professional design put together immediately.

For more information, feel free to contact us and we’ll do everything we can to help out!