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Ebook Conversion – FAQ

How do I get started?

Getting started with our service could not be any simpler, in truth. All you need to do is select the services that you desire to put in place, and select the package that suits your needs and budget. Then, complete the payment process as required. Afterwards, we’ll begin the process and deliver your finished file as soon as we can.

How do I send documents for conversion?

Once an order has been paid for, the user will be redirected to the upload and requirements page. There, you will provide us with the needed attachments. You can also send this via email, attach via DropBox or via Google Drive. Should the file size reach a certain point, we’ll provide intake via an FTP account.

Is all information confidential?

Yes, it is. We make sure that all of the information that we handle is taken care of in a confidential manner. If you wish, we can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to beginning any projects.

How can I contact EBOOKIFI?

You can get in touch with us via e-mail, telephone, voice chat, video call or voice chat. Simply contact us today on any of the provided platforms and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

What formats do you accept for conversion?

We provide all manner of conversions. We provide access to various solutions whether it’s Smashwords, LRF/LRS/LRX, Sony BBeB, LIT, AZW and KF8 or anything else.

How many projects can you take on?

It depends entirely on project size and style – should you need fast turnarounds on large volumes of books, then contact us specifically for extra details.

How do you calculate the cost?

We’ll determine the cost of the project, based on the number of pages within the eBook. You merely set the number of pages and we’ll provide you with a clear, accurate price with no hidden or added fees.

Cover Design – FAQ

How much input can I have to the design?

You have as much input as you need. You can provide us with the full synopsis, key elements, features you would like to have included, examples of designs that you like and inspiration. If you have any sketches or images that you want us to use as inspiration or use directly then feel free to include them when ordering.

Who owns the design afterward?

You do! Once the design is finalized and approved then you can do with the design as you wish. You change it and edit it in any way that you see fit. Also, we’ll keep a copy of your work so that if you lose it or wish to work from a fresh copy, we can provide it with ease. Also, we sometimes use clients work for referencing and in our portfolio – we may request to use your cover in future, with your permission provided.

I don’t know what I want – how can you help?

We can use our wealth of experience and artistic knowledge to find something that fits the theme of what you are trying to portray. Whilst client input is always appreciated and respected, we don’t mind taking the lead and handling the artistic process on our own. If you are unsure of what I you may want to include then please let us know and we can try to create a concept.

I don’t like the work – what now?

Sometimes, creative differences can occur – just like in any other industry. However, we will be happy to make adjustments with two free rounds of revision provided. Try and be as detailed as you can though about both what you want and, if you need any, changes that you would like to see implemented.

Can covers be printed?

Yes, they can. We provide a fine selection of printed book cover styles that allows you to make sure you have a printed look that works just as you had intended. We can provide you with the full PDF file afterward, too, that includes both spine and back cover.

Then, you can use that to make publishing your book easier in the future when started.

Where do you find your images?

All of our images are taken from ShutterStock, using the Standard License and only making use of royalty-free stock images. With over 30 million images to pick from we make this the easiest and most effective way to find quality images that can be implemented into a cover and then improved to fit the art style we feel is most effective.

Createspace Print PDF – FAQ

How can you provide me with assistance on Createspace?

We regularly help clients manage their Createspace accounts. If you wish to make the most of this kind of formatting, then we can provide you with turnaround times less than ten working days.

Will your files be Createspace optimized?

You’ll be provided with a PDF file that is optimized for Createspace/IngramSpark solutions. This allows you to have the safety of guaranteed formatting for simple usage in future.

How do you format Createspace books?

We use some very specific options for this kind of formatting. We look to make sure that certain formats are stuck to when creating for such a specific system.

We’ll follow very specific layouts, text sizes, paging styles and font format. We have various standard templates that we look to follow to ensure that proper design quality can shine through.

Something has changed in my book. Can I add it in to the edit?

We cannot accept changes to the book afterward. If you have made changes to the book in any capacity, then e-mail an updated version BEFORE making a payment to us. No solutions can be provided after this point.

To be as fair as we can, we also provide one free revision to correct any formatting issues that you may have missed. We will make ten edits after formatting, also, and will provide a quote to make this possible. if the number of edits exceeds ten then please contact us and we can try to offer a fair compromise instead.

How many revisions can be provided?

Please note that every version of your book that we receive is treated as the final, full and edited version. When you pay for our service you are indicating that, on your end, the book was ready to be used. We can then begin working on your project right away without any stress or delays.

Got any other questions? Then please contact us today.