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Epub Conversion Services

Are you looking for the easiest and most effective way to get your eBooks ready? Then come to our team here at EBOOKIFI. You handle the writing, and we’ll deal with the production. Our team will get involved and create an excellent formatted look for any project, focusing on making quality ePub files for simple conversion, distribution and usage.

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EPub is the most common format used today for eBooks and is used by nearly every retailer bar Amazon. We can prepare the file for you to make sur that you can have your ePub file shared with ease to make sure that your book can get out there on the market as quickly and as easily as possible.

Well, we make that easier than ever before!

How Can We Help?

Put simply, our services are built around giving people a more comprehensive look at how to work with ePub conversion services. Whether you are sending a PDF, .doc, .odt, .rtf, .tex, .pages or any other format of file to us, we can deal with it. We can make sure that your eBook file is going to turn out just as you need, regardless of the layout you currently have.

Conversion can be a nightmare, but we make it a dream! We deal with this by using a team who are well skilled in the art of conversion, managing each part of the process professionally, effectively and easily. Now, you can make sure that your future as an author can finally be expanded and improved upon.

With our help, you can make sure that your books are ready to be used on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. Before long you’ll have people reading your wares on Android smartphones, iPad, Kobo devices and much more. Even using cloud-based desktop and laptop apps to read the product will be made simpler.

Since our formation we’ve been looking for ways to make ePub conversion services easier, more accessible, and more affordable. We’ve worked diligently to get ourselves down to a level where we feel comfortable with the position that we are in. From there, we’ve started to change and develop a long-term plan that is bound to make a significant difference to the way that you get your works ready to be viewed by others.

Quality Assured!

Quality is of the utmost importance and we take no chances with your finalized product. We hand-code each and every book into a way that makes sure it runs and reads the best it can. By taking every line and every section of the book and refining, perfecting and optimizing it for the best viewing experience we make sure you don’t have to worry whilst we deal with a frustratingly necessary part of the process.

Now, you can just concentrate on writing quality content instead of formatting it – leave it to us, and we can create perfection!

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About Ebookifi.com

EBookifi.com is a professional service which looks to provide authors with easy, effective services to make your content easy to view. We work with authors and publishers to provide the highest quality of publishing throughout. This helps to deliver the finest quality of books for you and your clients moving forward.

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