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Smashwords Conversion Services

Are you looking for an easy way to find and use Smashwords conversion services? Then, with the help of EBOOKIFI, you are in the perfect place. Our team of experts can help you prepare and create the perfect environment to take your current written content and make it easily useable in this environment.

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Established authors are turning to us to revive old written series, whilst new authors are using our service to help introduce their ideas and stories to the world at large. Our service produces an easy to edit Word-based copy of your book that can then be edited, optimized and improved using our Smashwords conversion services.

Why Do I Need Your Smashwords Conversion Services?

We make it easy to see why using our services are so useful. In short, we can;

  • Offer an easy to use service that takes your content and optimizes it for usage. Then, once we have prepared the conversion, it’ll be perfect for use with Smashwords, which uploads it to vital eBook retailers.
  • This meets the full requirements for Smashwords own Premium Catalogue. This means you would be eligible for links to Kobo, Apple Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Kindle, Diesel and more will be utilized to make sure you have the widest range of appeal possible. The particular formatting school of Smashwords that the above all count upon is followed closely by our design team, too.
  • Remove the pain and the time consuming process of optimizing content for Smashwords yourself. By using our service then you guarantee that your book will be accepted, first time, without any errors or concerns about safe usage.
  • Help you avoid the irritating “meat grinder” of Smashwords that can be so time consuming and difficult to adhere to. We make sure you don’t have to keep returning to using annoying and frustrating formatting changes to try and comply with very particular rules.
  • Remove all links to third-party marketplaces such as Amazon or Apple, and instead point it in the direction of your website.

Can You Handle Complex Layouts?

Yes, we certainly can. Our experts are hugely experienced in this kind of work, and we can make sure that your left with a service that captures everything you need. From verbose pieces of text to illustrations alone, we can handle it and make sure it’s edited digitally in the most effective manner possible.

Does this sound like the kind of help that you need with Smashwords conversions? Then try out our professional formatting system today for a system that ensures you’ll succeed when trying to upload to Smashwords.

The end result is an easy to work with ePub file that is carefully and precisely validated. This will make it easy for you to provide Smashwords with a file that is guaranteed to be accepted each and every time.

What can usually be a trying and upsetting process can be much simpler with our help. So, remove the typical constraints you would have faced and instead make sure that you are ready to upload to Smashwords without any problems using our professional conversion services.

About Ebookifi.com

EBookifi.com is a professional service which looks to provide authors with easy, effective services to make your content easy to view. We work with authors and publishers to provide the highest quality of publishing throughout. This helps to deliver the finest quality of books for you and your clients moving forward.

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