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Createspace Conversion

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For professionals and freelance authors trying to take on printed PDF projects, the formatting challenges can be too much. Obscure problems and confusing issues relating to how formatting should look can cause a frustrating and confusing response, limiting the potential of your finished project.

At Ebookifi, though, we provide the help and expertise that you need to see that print PDF formatting is not impossible. We create print-ready PDF designs that can then be used in formats such as CreateSpace with ease.

Ready to Print

It also works with key features such as Lightning Source and Lulu. You can even provide it to a smaller local printing company to get a print-ready PDF file to fit every specification. If you are worried about the file formatting or the formatting prior to us beginning, don’t worry about it.

Our team can focus on the design and the formatting; you concentrate on the quality of the content. If you intend on using our eBook formatting service, then we will make sure that we provide an updated version of this improved edition, ensuring that the printed version is always the latest edition!

Suitable for All Layouts

Our service has been tailored to make sure that, regardless of size-related issues, we can deliver an easy and effective solution right away. Our files follow the best practices when it comes to typical typography. This means that we follow the most common and sought-after printing techniques to ensure that you fit with all typographical standards. We can improve the book, editing any needed details as we go, to make sure that you are left with the perfect solution.

As a strong default option, we tend to use 5.25×8” trim sizes but can go with as many variations as you might need. If you cannot decide then let us work with a chosen style, and we can then edit the trim factor at the end to make sure we make the decision everyone can be happy with.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We understand that as a very specific service, it helps to have full trust in the people working on your book. Well, we provide an eBook editing service that makes sure it can be published professionally with ease, but also the guarantee that if this does not turn out exactly as you need, then we will offer a full refund without any questions.

We offer the best guarantee of quality that we can, ensuring that you get all the help that you need in finding an effective way to look after your property. Don’t just let anyone work with your book – leave it to the professionals with a genuine passion for making the written word look the best it can.

Does this sound like the kind of help that you need? Then use our all-inclusive service today. With fair pricing, an excellent quality of work and a highly detailed range of improvements, we make sure you have nothing to worry about when it comes to print-ready PDF conversions!


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