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Book Indexing Services

Book Indexing Services

Looking for book indexing services available, then Ebookifi is the best place. Our expert indexes have the skills necessary to properly index your book to industry publishing standards. A poorly constructed index devalues a book rather than increases it. If you want the best indexing service, then you need Ebookifi.com.

Indexing is a systematic arrangement to present a concise list to readers so that they may find specific topics are terms presented in a book and makes them more accessible. The terms are sorted alphabetically listing names, places, things, and page numbers, which provides related terms a cross-reference and is an integral part of a book. If created to publishing industry standards, an effective index will add value to any book and make it easier for readers to access needed information efficiently and quickly.

Bring Your Book to the Next Level with Our Indexing Service

Who should create an Index?

There are many software programs available that allow an author to create an index for their book. However, it is not advised that the author do such because they are not subject matter experts and often do not have the knowledge of the terminology needed to include in the index. Authors often overlook important terms and content and fail to effectively use cross-referencing, headings, and sub-headings. A poorly constructed index devalues a book, so it is best left for the experts to generate.

Does every book need an index?

No. Fiction books don’t require an index and would create confusion for readers. The opposite is true for nonfiction books. When an index is not provided for nonfiction books, readers balk because they cannot easily find terms or subject matter. Readers complain of a lack of an index in nonfiction books and will often not purchase one if an index is not included in the back matter of your book. Indexing also works in kindle format books.

professional indexing servicesWhy is an effective index necessary?

An effective index is necessary to increase the usability of a book. Readers purchase nonfiction books, for the most part, to learn from the content. When they can’t find a topic or desire to cross-reference a term and an index has not been included, research by the National Association of Librarians revealed that readers usually donate the book or put it away and don’t use it that is how important a well-constructed index is to a book.

Why hire us to create your index?

The personnel we hire are experts in subject matter and analytical indexing. They have the experience and skills necessary to create your index to publishing industry standards without jeopardizing underutilized terms, or subject matter and can effectively cross-reference the contents, therefore, increasing your book’s value to readers. Our team uses their expertise across subject matter to access keywords in the industry to generate a complex multi-level cross-reference index making it easier for readers to navigate. Our indexing service carefully identifies terms, places, and things that are essential to include in an index and then cross-references them with other components.

How do your indexers identify the terms, places, and people to include in the index?

Our process is complicated and not easily obtained. First, we identify the expert indexer associated with your subject matter; therefore, if your book is medical, our expert will have knowledge in that subject matter, which is key to creating a well-constructed index. Next, our indexer reads your manuscript for understanding. As he or she progresses, the terms to include in the index are identified. Once keywords, terms, people, and things are identified our indexer cross-reference each as well as determines the headings and sub-headings needed to be included.

Why choose us as your book indexing service?

  1. We are the best in the industry with the experience to back up what we say. We have a no-nonsense approach to get the job done the first time.
  2. We effectively isolate terms, places, people, and things to include in the index that will meet industry standards are analytical, and meets the reader’s standards of expectations.
  3. We treat every book like we wrote it so that we can increase the value of your book with a well-constructed index.
  4. We take pride in the fact that you have trusted us with a vital component of your book and as a result, we provide the expertise to make the connection with your subject matter to the terms.
  5. We know and comprehend indexing industry standards no matter the subject matter.
  6. Our goal is to increase your book’s value by providing expert indexing service. We do not rely on generic indexing software. We include the human factor to identify the necessary terms and for cross-referencing.


A poorly executed index is useless to a reader and devalues a book. The credibility of the author is questioned when either a poorly executed index is provided, or one is not included at all. That is why at Ebookifi.com we assign an expert subject matter indexer to your book who is qualified and knowledgeable about your book’s subject matter. If you want the best indexing service, then you want Ebookifi.com where we focus on creating a credible index for your book and at an affordable rate. Look no further for a book indexing service provider that Ebookifi.com.