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Kindle Conversion Services

Ebookifi.com offers innovative and high quality kindle conversion services to a variety of publishers and authors worldwide. And as a bonus, you will receive the complete source files at no cost. This will allow you to edit the files at any time.

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We offer excellent Kindle formatting services for authors and publishers around the globe. Our experienced and highly skilled team applies innovative kindle formatting techniques that transform manuscripts submitted in Word, PDF and several other formats into quality Kindle e-books. Our competitive pricing, unquestionable professionalism and fast turnaround time have made Ebookifi the preferred choice for several top authors and publishers worldwide.


With the remarkable increase in the number of people using e-readers, tablets, portable computers, successful publishers and authors must produce their publications in formats which are readable by these diverse technologies. Kindle formatting entails conversion of e-book manuscripts from PDF, Microsoft Word or any other digital format to a file format specifically designed for Amazon Kindle devices. Even though PDF and Microsoft Word documents can be viewed on Kindle devices, they cannot be rendered in a reflowing-text presentation. Such documents therefore have to be converted to provide a fluid reading experience for Kindle users.

Why Automated Kindle Conversion Software Never Work?

kindle conversion mistakesSometimes publishers and authors make ill-advised attempts to convert their books from PDF or Word to Kindle format by themselves. This is usually done through programs available online that promise to perform this task quickly and efficiently. The end results, however, are never satisfactory, and in most cases, they produce rendered files that look messy and unreadable. This is due to several factors;

To begin with, E-books usually contain page breaks similar to those found the hard-cover print versions of published works. Such breaks are included in the title page, table of contents and the book chapters. These breaks provide a clearly spaced outline which effectively separates different portions of the book and helps to maintain a visually appealing flow. This is extremely difficult to achieve using most of the ebook conversion programs available in the market. Such software normally produces cluttered running text with no visible breaks that are almost impossible to read. As a result, even books that are excellently written end up being bothersome to read. This can ultimately lead to unwarranted negative reviews for a publisher or author.

E-books can also contain unique graphical elements embedded within the text body such as images, tables, footnotes, endnotes and hyperlinks. These elements need to be skillfully incorporated into the e-book in the exact manner intended by the author. Automated conversion tools frequently produce e-books with poorly positioned graphic elements and in some cases, a few elements may end up being omitted unintentionally during the conversion process. E-books in the modern era are also expected to have a clickable table of contents. This feature enables readers to easily navigate through sections of the book by simply clicking on the relevant chapters within the table of contents. It is however impossible to integrate this feature when using an automated conversion tool.

The process of converting e-books from PDF or Microsoft Word formats to a Kindle version that is both easy to read and properly structured is highly technical and it involves a great amount of expertise. At Ebookifi, we will go the extra mile by manually coding each chapter of your book using HTML and CSS to ensure that the structure of the Kindle version retains the same arrangement as it appears on your manuscript. This will ensure that all your clients get exactly what they paid for when they purchased your e-book.

Which Manuscript Formats are preferred for Kindle Conversion? Word or PDF File Formats?

At Ebookifi, we provide kindle formatting services covering a wide range of digital text formats. The formats we are able to work with include PDF, Adobe Indesign, Microsoft Word documents, plain text and files from all open-source word processors. If you happen to have your manuscript in both PDF and Microsoft Word formats, we would prefer to receive the Word files to facilitate quick delivery.

We also advise our clients to only submit the final edited manuscripts for conversion so as to prevent the inclusion of typographical errors in the Kindle format of their e-book. Kindly contact us if you have any unique formats other than the ones listed above that you would want us to convert.


To give you a glimpse of what you can expect from Ebookifi with regards to Kindle formatting, you can take a look at the samples we have uploaded showing examples of books that have been converted for Kindle by us.

Font Embed

Books usually contain several different fonts throughout the text to highlight certain points or introduce chapters. Such fonts can, however, be lost during conversion making the whole text to appear in one flat uniform font. Our conversion techniques involve font embedding to ensure that all the fonts contained in your manuscript look exactly the same in the Kindle format. The samples below will show you how this is achieved.


E-books can be published using two layout styles; the reflow or fixed layout. These styles differ on how they are displayed on e-book readers. Our conversion methods ensure that all graphic elements of your e-book such as images, tables, hyperlinks, and graphs are retained in the Kindle version precisely as they appear in your manuscript. This will be done regardless of whether you opt for a reflowing text format of a fixed layout format. Check out the samples below to see how this is done.


Reflowable format: This is the most widely used format for e-books. This format enables the reader to adjust the size of each page without affecting the flow of the text. It makes it easier for a reader to zoom into a page or even change its orientation to suit their specific reading preferences. A book published using the reflow format can thus be read on gadgets with different screen sizes quite easily since the text will automatically adjust itself to fit different screens.

Fixed layout formats are less common and they feature mostly in books containing a lot of images such as children’s books and comics. Such books are structured to display full-sized pages at all times. The images and text are therefore placed at fixed points next to each other. If a reader zooms into a fixed layout page, the contents won’t automatically adjust themselves to fit the screen size. One has to zoom into specific portions of the page separately to read the book.

The automatic pricing feature on our website is only applicable for conversions done in the reflowing text format. If your e-book requires a fixed-layout presentation, kindly contact us or use quote form for the specific pricing.


Multiple formats accepted for conversion

These include documents from Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, PDF, QuarkXPress, Open Office (ODT), EPub and HTML documents. If you don’t have a soft-copy version of your book, there is no need to worry since we also convert hard-copy books and magazine titles, or scanned copies of the same to Kindle format.

Clickable Table of Contents(TOC)

A clickable table of contents will make it easier for a reader to navigate through your entire book much faster. They will be directed straight to specific parts of the book by simply clicking on the relevant chapter on the table of contents.

Several languages accepted

Our team comprises of highly skilled multilingual staff. We can convert manuscripts submitted in all major foreign languages including French, Italian, German and many more.

Font embedding for all manuscripts

We understand how important it is for people reading your Kindle books to get an experience similar to reading the hard-cover version. Through our font-embedding techniques, you can be sure that all unique fonts contained in your manuscript will be maintained in the Kindle version.

Incorporation of all graphic properties

If your manuscript contains images, graphs, hyperlinks, footnotes, indexes and other special visual presentations, they will be transferred to the Kindle version exactly as you want them to appear.

Ready to upload format

All our completed eBooks will be delivered only in the uploaded format which means that no further formatting is necessary.

Excellent customer service

Our top priority is exceeding your expectations. You can get in touch with us at any time to place special orders, submit a complaint or to get more information regarding our services. You can be assured of a swift response to any queries from our customer service team.

Strict quality assurance

All projects have to go through a meticulous inspection process to check on their quality and compatibility. We value all our clients and take each job submitted to us seriously, no matter how small.

Quick processing time

Our team will take a maximum of 72 hours to successfully convert your manuscript and deliver it to you.


We assure our clients that all of the files converted by us to Kindle format go through a thorough quality-assurance inspection to make sure that they are compatible with Kindle devices. We strictly adhere to the validation requirements set by Amazon and you can be sure that your converted e-book will be accepted into the Kindle store without any trouble. Any minor errors that you may spot in our final conversion will be swiftly corrected by us at no extra cost. If you are still not satisfied with how the book turns out after we have completed the job, we will provide a full refund to you. It is however highly unlikely that you will find any disappointment with our work. If you have any doubts, you can head over to our client-review page to view the excellent ratings given to us by satisfied clients.

Need any Modification or Changes?

In the event that you would like to make a few modifications to your manuscript even after we have completed the conversion process, you can get in touch with us. We will do this for you at a small fee. However, in the rare cases where the mistake occurred during the conversion process, we make the corrections at no extra cost.

We can assist you in uploading your e-book on Amazon Kindle

Our services go beyond the conversion stage. We can go a step further and guide our clients on how to upload the e-book onto the Amazon Kindle store(KDP) and other online e-book stores if need be.


We have streamlined the whole process of placing orders with us to make it quick and straightforward for our clients. If you would like to try our services today, simply follow the following steps;


Enter the number of pages contained in your manuscript. You can select additional formats that you would like and our interactive cost calculator will then show you the total cost of conversion for your manuscript.


Then choose the ADD TO CART option. Please fill out the required information and You will be redirected to the PayPal page.


Once the payment has been completed, you will be directed to the final step where you will be asked to upload your manuscript and submit your book’s cover image.


The conversion process will begin immediately and you will be issued with the Kindle version of your manuscript after no more than 72 hours.

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Our Kindle conversion services come with a 100% guarantee. You will receive a full refund if you are not satisfied with your ebook.