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Arabic Language eBook Conversion Services

Ebookifi.com is offering the Arabic language ebook conversion to the authors and publishers.

Are an author or a publisher who wants to reach more readers and increase your sales? If you said yes, Ebookifi has the perfect solution. At Ebookifi.com, we now offer arabic language ebook conversion service; therefore, reaching more readers who wouldn’t have access to your book.

Kindle Mobi Arabic eBook Conversion

When a manuscript is converted and prepared for a digital reader from another language, numerous challenges go along with it. The number one challenge is that of the font type. Most books are available in what is called a True Type Font (TTF) and an Image PDF format. The resulting outcome is often a mess because translation software programs can’t account for some words and don’t know how to translate them from one language to Arabic. Here at Ebookifi.com, our expert technicians solve that problem and translate your entire book so that the content is not misconstrued.

The second most critical challenge when converting your manuscript into Arabic is how to resolve the challenge called right-to-left. Most languages, especially the English language, are read from right to left. Arabic is the opposite and when translating the document, this problematic area must be considered. Here at Ebookifi.com, we have addressed the obstacles of right-to-left language readers and make the adjustments necessary for the ease of use in the Arabic language during the translation process. Our skilled technicians don’t leave anything to happenstance.

Epub Arabic Formatting and Conversion

Our technicians at Ebookifi.com have efficient methods to convert your book into the Arabic language and into the required epub2 and epub3 format. This is especially important for those authors who plan on distributing their book through Kindle. Why? Distribution of your book in the Arabic language through Kindle is in the Beta process and the requirements to do so are stringent. If your manuscript does not meet the criteria, Kindle will reject your eBook. Our formatters understand the process and the requirements necessary to distribute on Kindle.

Arabic Ebook Formatting – Samples

Why Ebookifi for your Arabic book conversion?

Ebookifi.com is a recognized eBook service with experienced and skilled staff. We can facilitate your eBook not only into the Arabic language but also format it for digital readers and various mobile applications, including Kindle, Android, iPhone, and most other eReading devices in today’s market. We take pride in our work and recognize the critical elements for your book to be translated into the Arabic language.

Authors and publishers desiring to publish their books in the Arabic language finally have the answer using our Ebookifi.com conversion service. We will successfully deliver your book translated into the Arabic language. Our translators and technicians are experts and ensure that your manuscript meets publishing industry quality standards.